Welcome to your SHM Health Care Services for NRI. SHM provides the best NRI Family Health Services for their parents or loved ones in India. The services are also available in countries like India, USA, and Australia. SHM is focused on delivering the best and efficient NRI Family Health Care Services for one generation to next generation. Our devotion and enthusiasm joined with our constant endeavors in keeping up the most noteworthy quality medicinal care, empowers us to include the colossal incentive in the greater part of the administration, we provide. You can visit the site to know more detail.


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Healthcare Services for NRI 

People who are living in other countries and left their family in India are always worry about their medical facilities. Here SHM is providing the Healthcare Services for NRI in India at the efficient cost. We provide the best medical facilities to the NRI people and their family members instant.

Visitors Health Insurance in India

Visitors health insurance in India is an interesting variety of the ordinary medical insurance that individuals take. Many individuals are traveling nowadays. Likewise, there are a large number of individuals, who move to different nations and settle there. SH Medic is providing the Visitors health insurance in India. The costs incurred in countries like India … Continue reading Visitors Health Insurance in India

NRI Family Health Services

SHM providing the NRI Family Health Services in India for the person, who lives in foreign countries, their families need health service whenever they required. You can contact us for the medical services for you family members or loved ones. Visit our official website for more details.

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